Design and Diving


About me

Hello, I am Freimut,
a 24 year old PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (#389402), check this here.
I always had a passion for graphic design. I graduated in "Graphic design and Visual communication" from BBS Walter Gropius School Hildesheim in 2015. Afterwards I decided to travel around South East Asia for a while. Became diving instructor and worked around the world. Oh and I play and stream Video games for fun. You can check me out on twitch.


What I do

I am currently studying Energy-Economics (B.Sc.) at the h_da in Darmstadt, Germany. All my free time, besides studying, is spend on videogames. Mainly at the Counter Strike franchise, in its current version Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Trust me, I spent way to much time in it. Currently I dont have a streaming schedule but will stream almost daily.


Comming soon.